Washington Improv Theater lucks into a one-year residency at Studio Theatre

As it embarks on its 25th anniversary season, Washington Improv Theater (WIT) will begin a year-long residency at Studio Theatre. WIT will mount six productions (listed below) in three separate performance spaces within the newly renovated Studio facility, in addition to the free, weekly, 12-years-and-running Harold Night series, which will move to Wednesday nights. This … Read more

Inside ‘The Box’: a gripping view of institutionalized sadism

I cannot recall a theater experience that had a greater lock on the conscience of its audience than the performance of The Box I saw Sunday at Anacostia Playhouse. A powerfully immersive two-act drama about punitive solitary confinement, The Box enacted episodes in the life of inmates being kept isolated 23 hours a day inside … Read more

Off-Broadway time-traveling comedy ‘Don’t Do This To Us!’ at The Tank has a remedy for recent anti-Semitism

Now in its world premiere at The Tank, Don’t Do This To Us!, written by and co-produced with Stephanie Swirsky, takes a novel “What if?” approach to increasing anti-Semitism in the US. In it, a concerned woman concocts a plan to go back in history to 1999, so she can hook up with the culpable Jared … Read more

Rorschach Theatre announces 2022/23 season

Rorschach Theatre’s explosive new season immerses audiences in things new and reimagined. For over twenty years, the award-winning and nationally recognized company has been known for its bold use of theatrical space and its dedication to impossible fantastical realism. The season begins with Kate Hamill’s DRACULA, A FEMINIST REVENGE FANTASY, REALLY – a new adaptation … Read more

Balancing Power Through Intimacy in the Rehearsal Space

It was also an easy transition because I already had some vocabulary and tools from fight direction. Quite frankly, as you probably have experienced, usually if there’s intimacy there’s violence—I would say roughly about 80-90 percent of the time. So, it’s cool that I’m able to do both and offer both, even though I have … Read more

I Write What Comes Up in My Body: Robbie McCauley’s Theatre

Leticia Ridley: Welcome to Daughters of Lorraine, a podcast from your friendly neighborhood Black feminists, exploring the legacies, present, and futures of Black theatre. We are your hosts, Leticia Ridley— Jordan Ealey: —and Jordan Ealey. On this podcast produced for HowlRound Theatre Commons, a free and open platform for theatremakers worldwide, we discuss Black theatre … Read more